10 Things to Do When Your ASD Child Is Getting Bullied at School


Bullying of kids with autism spectrum disorder is a very real problem. Often, these children have unique characteristics that make them seem different from other kids, which unfortunately, can make them a target. The effects of bullying can have a lasting impact on children and their development, and while bullying is a difficult issue to deal with, it must not go unaddressed. As a parent, here are some things you can do if your child with autism is getting bullied.
10. Communicate With Your Child Regularly

First, communicate with your child regularly. Ask them about their day, about the other kids, and about anything that made them sad or uncomfortable. This way, if they do start getting bullied, you’ll be doing everything you can to find out right away. Checking in with your child frequently will set the stage for them to feel comfortable about talking with you about difficult issues.

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9. Figure Out What Leads Up To The Bullying

Talk to your child about the bullying incident. The goal is to figure out what led up to the occurrence of bullying. Together, you might be able to piece together a plan to avoid triggering these situations.
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8. Have Your Child Stay Close to a Friend

See if your child has someone they can be around when playing at recess, walking in the halls, and going to and from school. It could be a friend, a classmate, or an older sibling. Bullies tend to be less willing to engage in bullying when their target has an advocate or friend to stick up for them.

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